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Whether its news, the written word, or the spoken word, is an "in your face...the hell with authority" website. Mr. Bennett views most of those in power as illegitmate behemoths, who hold their positions because of the "air head" like qualities of the retarded majority. Mr. Bennett views the human race as science's only mistake. Eliminate the human species and nature is perfect. Most of Mr. Bennett's views are his own, but a great minority of his standard was given to him by his mother, Lula Virginia Bennett. Whether it be "light" or "darkness" much of Mr. Bennett's persona can be traced back to his mother, the most human of those called humans.

Company History was established in 2012. Originally, a video news blog site, added figurative news in the form of written/spoken word in December 2014. More recently, proofreading and editing services have been added to the mix.

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